We were established in 1988. We have a vast experience in rubber and rubber-metal production. Always ready to advise the optimal solution.


We attach great importance to every detail of a product. We select the right kind of rubber to match it best with the product's working enviroment.


Quick quotation for custom made products (1-2 days). Very short period of production preparation.

About us

Our experience, know-how and machinery allows us to design and produce all kinds of rubber, rubber-metal and silicone products. Since we have the full control over the production process (including production of all necessary equipment e.g. moulds) we are able to: – offer short due dates; – quickly implement required corrections and improvements; – monitor the quality of a product on every stage of the production process. We listen to our clients and we are always ready to recommend optimal solutions in terms of the quality and the costs. We encourage you to contact us if you are looking for a partner in the rubber industry.